16/4/2003: As it turned out, I used lerter for about a month before I discovered that I just didn't pay attention to it's alerts. It might be useful to you, but it's not really worth downloading unless you want to tinker with the code - it's just not a useful program, really.

Lerter is a system to provide you with graphical notification whenever something that you want to know about immediately happens. It consists of several components, and appears to have been working quite nicely for me for the past day or so

The name Lerter is derived from "Alert", although there might be some kind of freaky symbolism with the character Laertes from Hamlet if you abuse it and it starts crashing things on you. It shouldn't do that, though.

Lerter's gui looks, on my system, something like this:

More or less everything there is to find with regards to Lerter can be found on the sourceforge project page: Lerter

In case you didn't catch that: For more information, go to this Lerter page.

Lerter's hosting is provided by sourceforge. Thanks!

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